Podcast Shows

Ep 10: DOE Rountable on HBCUs

Kim discusses research infrastructure at HBCUs during a DOE Rountable.

Ep 9: Academic salary

We discuss the taboo topic of a professor’s salary and the importance of academic salary transparency.

Ep 8: Studying abroad: US vs. Europe

We discuss with Dr. Christo Athanasiou about the differences in graduate studies between the US and Europe.

Ep 7: Don't ignore those awards

We discuss with Prof. Debbie Kaminski on the importance of getting awards in academia and ways to get them.

Ep 6: A high schooler asks

A high schooler (Angella Chen) asks what a professor does at work and what it takes to become a professor.

Ep 5: STEM women moving forward in academia: Prof. Robin Selinger

We discuss with Prof. Robin Selinger the challenges she faces as a STEM woman in academia. A discussion that would benefit all.

Ep 4: The H-Index: keeping up with the Joneses

We discuss the H-index and how it has impacted academic research enterprise.

Ep 3: Real Talk: 5 unspoken tips for early career faculty

We provide 5 unspoken tips for early career faculty who are in their first three years of their academic career.

Ep 2: Pandemic impact on research productivity

We discuss with Prof. Harold Park on how pandemic had impacted academic research.

Ep 1: From the beginning

In this episode, we introduce the show and ourselves.