Podcast Shows

Ep 13: Which Q comes first: Quality or Quantity?

We discuss with Prof. Stephane Bordas on quality vs. quantity in scientific publishing.

Ep 12: Myths and realities of academic administration

We discuss with Prof. Schadler, Dean of Engineering at UVM, on her path, and myths and realities she faces being an academic administrator.

Ep 11: School kids ask

We find out what are o the minds of school kids about STEM education from Kingston (7th grader) and Pheonix (4th grader).

Ep 10: DOE Rountable on HBCUs

Kim discusses research infrastructure at HBCUs during a DOE Rountable.

Ep 9: Academic salary

We discuss the taboo topic of a professor’s salary and the importance of academic salary transparency.

Ep 8: Studying abroad: US vs. Europe

We discuss with Dr. Christo Athanasiou about the differences in graduate studies between the US and Europe.

Ep 7: Don't ignore those awards

We discuss with Prof. Debbie Kaminski on the importance of getting awards in academia and ways to get them.

Ep 6: A high schooler asks

A high schooler (Angella Chen) asks what a professor does at work and what it takes to become a professor.

Ep 5: STEM women moving forward in academia: Prof. Robin Selinger

We discuss with Prof. Robin Selinger the challenges she faces as a STEM woman in academia. A discussion that would benefit all.

Ep 4: The H-Index: keeping up with the Joneses

We discuss the H-index and how it has impacted academic research enterprise.

Ep 3: Real Talk: 5 unspoken tips for early career faculty

We provide 5 unspoken tips for early career faculty who are in their first three years of their academic career.

Ep 2: Pandemic impact on research productivity

We discuss with Prof. Harold Park on how pandemic had impacted academic research.

Ep 1: From the beginning

In this episode, we introduce the show and ourselves.